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RevitePro makes video creation stress-free and easy

You can upload your video on social media, youtube and your website

Targeted solutions for real estate agents/firms


Choose the logo of the company, the photo of the agent or both of them. Complete the contact details, once. And they will always appear on the videos automatically.
Complete the details of the property once, save them and create multiply videos effortlessly. There is no limitation .


Utilize the social networks with a powerful marketing tool we have created for you. There are many categories of templates, suitable to present the activity of a real estate company or agent.


Your clients and friends

  • For a new arrival
  • The price of the property is reduced
  • The house is sold
  • Coming soon
  • For an open house


Your listing from several different categories

  • Presentation
  • Extended
  • Free
  • Dynamic
  • Several Listings


Your results as a company and how effective you are in the choosing period.Inform them of how many properties you sold, average days on market, how many new listings you have, average salling price etc.


Some tips that a buyer or a seller should have in mind and must avoid.You are an experienced agent, you know the advantages of your listing and how to emphasize them. Share this information with your friends and clients.


The property of the week or month.There are three categories to choose from

  • General
  • Location
  • Best price


Your company or your self with one of our commercial spots.


Show them how effective you are as a professional and why you should be their real estate agent.Project the years of your experience, average days on market for your listings and how fast you sell them, how many properties you sold, etc.

How it works

RevitePro uses themed templates to help you create professional videos for marketing, social media and more...


One of our templates, we have many categories that covers the activity of a dynamic agent/firm


Dont worry! This is made to be easy. It takes only a few minutes.Replace the photos, property details, logo and contact information


Keep the video of your choice in your hard drive, share it, it is yours!!

Created for an effective social media campaign

This is why RevitePro is #1 for you

Enhance your social media footprint

Custom Content

Choose the template you want and replace

the photos with those of your listings

Own your output

Everything you make is yours to keep for ever.

Share it everywhere or download it for later

Brand your project

Give every video
your personal touch,with your logo

100% cloud based

You dont have to download any software.

All done in the cloud.You can create from anywhere

100% fully access

There are no levels
of access 100% fully access
no matter the plan you choose

No limit

You are able to create unlimited number of videos.
No monthly or weekly limitation.
Download as many videos as you want whenever you want.

You need help?

You have your assistant

Save time, by filling the details of the property and these will automatically show up on the video

Inspired by realtors for realtors

Grab Attention

Keep Attention

Turn attention into clients

Take advantage of a powerful marketing
tool we have created for you

Video receives 400% more
engagement than any other
medium of marketing in real estate

85% of buyers
want to work with
an agent who uses video

73% of homeowners are more
likely to list win an agent who
uses video marketing to lis their home

72% of customers
would rather learn about a
product or service by way of video

Videos ads were #1
way consumers discovered
a product the late purchased from

Homes listed with videos
receive four times the inquries
of homes listed without video

Facebook video
posts offer the user
135% more social outreach

The average
website visit with
video is over 5 minutes

93% of brands
got a new customer
because of a video on social media

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